Billy Theuring on How to Be More Eco-Friendly While Boating | Phoenix, Arizona

Aquatic animals and plants need clean water, oxygen, and nutrients to survive. A disruption of this balance harms the environment. Recreational boating ranks first in destroying this habitation by releasing hydrocarbon and oil into the water. At least 30% of the oil and fuel used in a two-stroke engine go in the water. Boat maintenance can createContinue reading “Billy Theuring on How to Be More Eco-Friendly While Boating | Phoenix, Arizona”

New Boat Tech in 2021 | Billy Theuring

Many of us ventured outside for entertainment and exercise throughout 2020. This led to an increase in tech advancements on the boating front. Everything from automatic docking to smart navigation has been updated to keep people enjoying their time on the water in 2021 and beyond.  Boat Sharing Much like ride-sharing and bike-sharing programs, theContinue reading “New Boat Tech in 2021 | Billy Theuring”

Cheap DIY Projects to Add to Your Home Decor | Billy Theuring

There are many shows online that make DIY home renovation projects seem effortless. The reality is that there is more than just a TV host; there is an entire team working diligently behind the scenes to make a design come to life. There is also an unseen, actual budget that is beyond reach for the average viewingContinue reading “Cheap DIY Projects to Add to Your Home Decor | Billy Theuring”

Fun Things to Do on a Boat | Billy Theuring

For people who enjoy boating, there is no greater pleasure than getting out onto the water. Regardless of whether you own a sailboat, motorboat, or one of the other 20+ types, there is no shortage of fun to be had. Some people are happy to enjoy the act of sailing for what it is and canContinue reading “Fun Things to Do on a Boat | Billy Theuring”

DIYs That Will Improve the Value of Your Home | Billy Theuring

If this unprecedented quarantine has any silver lining, it’s that DIY projects are on the rise. For people looking to sell their homes down the road, this is an excellent opportunity to save money on small maintenance issues and enhancements by doing them personally.  Depending on a person’s skill level, some projects will lead toContinue reading “DIYs That Will Improve the Value of Your Home | Billy Theuring”

Best Boating Destinations in the U.S. | Billy Theuring

If you are someone who has embraced the boating life, you are also likely to be someone who enjoys adventure. The freedom that the open water presents is limited only by your imagination. Whether you are interested in water sports, cruising, sailing, or fishing, there is a place for everyone to enjoy.  San Juan Islands,Continue reading “Best Boating Destinations in the U.S. | Billy Theuring”

Easy DIY Projects with Pallets | Billy Theuring

We live in an exciting time of fun, DIY-based home improvement projects. It no longer matters whether a person has a design degree or a specialized skill in architectural software. The average crafty American can now follow along while instructional experts or other average Americans create magic. In doing so, they have taken items thatContinue reading “Easy DIY Projects with Pallets | Billy Theuring”

Must-Have Tools for DIY Home Projects

In this glorious age of how-to videos on YouTube, reality home improvement television, and the expansive, inviting aisles of home improvement stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot, it is no wonder that more and more people are trying their own hand at DIY projects. By definition, the term applies to people undertaking projects at home such as decorating, making repairs,Continue reading “Must-Have Tools for DIY Home Projects”

Boating Tips for Beginners

Many people dream of owning a boat. It symbolizes a level of class and luxury that implies free time. It is also a symbol of independence by not being confined to the standard avenues of transportation. In addition, mastering the skills of boating is a satisfying experience that gives instant gratification. When we complete a difficultContinue reading “Boating Tips for Beginners”

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