Meet Billy Theuring | Regional Sales Manager Western U.S. with TriMed Inc | Phoenix, AZ

Billy Theuring lives in Phoenix, Arizona, and is currently employed as a Regional Sales Manager Western U.S. with TriMed Inc, an Orthopedic Implant Manufacturer. Before that, Billy was the Arizona Territory Manager for Medartis inc. in Phoenix, Arizona. There, he was responsible for managing all aspects of his territory for Medartis Inc. and setting up new accounts, negotiating prices, delivering invoices, and providing the highest level of customer support, among other responsibilities.

Billy Theuring attended Columbus State Community College, where he obtained an Associate of Arts degree in Business (2006). Later, he returned to the world of academia, this time at the University of Phoenix, in Arizona, to earn a Bachelor of Science in Management (2020). 

Billy’s love for water springs from his time in the navy, where he spent four years as a Fly Two Petter Officer; from that moment onward, Billy has made a point of keeping boating in his life, including through recreational means such as fishing and sports. 

When Billy Theuring isn’t busy at work, he’s busy finding new ways to keep his hands busy, ideally by working on new DIY projects. From as early as he can remember, Billy Theuring has always been handy and interested in projects that allowed him to work with his hands. In addition, he’s always been fascinated with taking things apart and rebuilding them.

How does one combine two passions? While it isn’t always easy, Billy Theuring has managed to find a way. His love for boating combined with his love for DIY projects when he began restoring old vessels, bringing them back to their former glory.

Alongside renovating boats, Billy Theuring works on renovating houses and has several large projects in the works. He really enjoys seeing the before and after results of each project and takes pride in figuring out how to do things and then making them happen. 

Over the years, Billy has learned plenty of insight worth sharing, which he does through multiple means, including running two blogs (one specific to boating, the other to DIY projects). Be sure to check both out to learn more about Billy Theuring and his current endeavors!

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