Why Learning to Sail is Great For Kids | Billy Theuring

While sailing may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of fun things to do with children, it is an activity that can help them in many areas of their life while providing lots of needed outdoor, away-from-the-screen time and teaching valuable life skills.

For instance, sailing will help improve and fine-tune their fine and gross motor skills. Tying knots will teach them how to follow directions, complete a difficult task, and gain better control of their fine motor skills. Learning how to read a map and chart a course will be an exercise for their brain and help them use their math and reading skills. Learning to balance their legs on the sea will also help them gain a better sense of their gross motor control.

Secondly, learning how to sail a boat will give children a taste for adventure and the thrill of discovering new places. So many times in this modern world, people stick to what is comfortable and do the things they always have. However, sailing will help challenge the child to discover new places, learn to appreciate nature, and develop willingness and flexibility in scheduling. One never knows what the weather will be like!

Thirdly, sailing together as a family provides bonding time. In this modern world, lots of families struggle to maintain the balance between electronics and family time, which leads to strained and unpleasant family time. When a family goes sailing, however, they learn to work together for a common purpose. They learn to communicate to achieve a common goal, and whatever they do and wherever they go, they are doing it together. Togetherness is such a rare gift, and sailing as a family can definitely provide that precious time together.

Lastly, sailing can provide a fascinating educational opportunity to learn about the oceans together. Families can research information about tides, waves, ocean animals, and everything that lies beneath the waves. Find out how weather impacts the ocean, what animals you might see along your sailing journey, and even use math to chart your course! Doing so will give everyone a new appreciation for the beautiful world beneath the waves that often is overlooked, and in turn, be able to educate others.

Article originally published on BillyTheuring.com

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